Health [incomplete]

Just to be clear: I am not a doctor. Use your brain before following my advice and consult a doctor. Don’t kill yourself.

Having said that, the following practices are pretty safe and unlikely to kill you. None of the what follows is original research. I am just synthesizing what master researchers tell and I felt that their message was important enough to repeat. Some of the people I use as references are Tim Ferriss, Ray Cronise, Wim Hof

I am going to tell some facts about...

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10 new reasons why Cycling rocks [You will love #6]

Cycling has many benefits - most of which you already know:

It’s a great, harmless, and (mostly) injury-free workout. It saves fuel. Cycling is both noise pollution and air pollution free. Now for some other unusual, but awesome, things to think about:

You don’t get a ticket  (no challan). So you don’t have to wait for red light to go green even when there is no traffic. You can go on the wrong side of the road (not recommended) without disturbing the traffic flow too much....

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Is your Hospital's food killing you?

Has your doctor ever told you that you need to eat healthy foods, but you just can’t get to it?

It’s not all your fault... 

What I am going to tell you here is not breaking news or an insider story. It’s a crime that’s conducted openly in front of everybody. The picture below is of the canteen at DMC Ludhiana. Unfortunately, DMC is not unique. I just happen to visit it more often than others.

In DMC, there are three cafes/canteens where you can eat. The healthiest food you...

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