I strive to know and learn a lot in everyday life. I am also a teacher. In order to enhance learning for me and for the students, I accumulate various tips, ideas, technologies etc which can help me achieve this goal. Let me know if it helps you.

Gratitude - A way of living better

Humanity has come a long way in past few centuries. The quality of life that someone in lower middle classenjoys today is far better than what even wealthiest people experienced 100 years ago.

Whether it’s access to healthcare, education,transport or even just temperature control in the room, everything’s better.

But people are more dissatisfied than ever. Wants are becoming needs rapidly.

Why is that?Why do we crib about everything when everything is becoming...

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Carrots and sticks

The quality of your life depends on the reasons behind the decisions you take. If they are internal reasons, for yourself, you flourish. If reasons are external, you lose control and feel frustrated.

Your happinesswill depend on the things you do when there’s no one standing behind you, when there’s no deadline, no sticks, and no short-term incentives.

If you just wait for the deadline to come near to start work, wait for your doctor to recommend you to exercise, wait for the...

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The Greatest achievement of humanity

In last 50 years, humans have gradually achieved what no other individual or entity achieved in history. It’s not modern medicine. It’s not even internet.
What we have achieved is not knowing the limits of what we can accomplish as a collective race.

The greatest achievement of the human race is not knowing limits of what it can achieve. Tweet

Following are some of the thingswhich would have seemed crazy to most 200 years ago (some even 30 years ago):

Talking to...

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Product ideas - Please invent this

Someone, please make this:

Computer that plugs directly into my brain Please make acomputer device which plugs directly into my brain. So instead of typing, I just think,and it does the typing for me.

oh. and one more thing.

There is no screen for the output. Typing is just happening in the device which is plugged directly into my brain. So I am getting the visual signal not from my eyes but directly into my brain.

Why would I want such a thing?

This will...

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The Universe doesn't care about you

Many people including Shahrukh Khan quote"When you really want something, whole universe conspires to help you get it".

That’s just baloney. The universe doesn’t care about you. Tweet

So are all these people lying? Not really. It just appears as if the universe (or God) is helping.

But why does it seem that way?

It’s been true for me and many others including Shahrukh Khan - When you really want something, events coincidentally start turning in your favor in such...

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One simple trick to achieve beyond your imagination

How’d you like to learn about a simple mindset shift that will earn more money than you ever thought possible?

There are few things truer:

You can have everything in life you wantif you will just help enough other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar Tweet Giving without any expectations of return is counterintuitive.However, returnsinevitablycome, without exception.

I say this from my experience.I set out to help otherswith my first website...

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Everything Corrupts, eventually

"Sikhism is the best religion," my wife commented. I wouldn’t argue with her (who would?).

Sikhism is clearly one of the best religions. Gurudwaras,place of worship for Sikhs, are very well maintained. Followers give donations generously and regularly. You would never see a Sikhbegging in the street. Most of all, Sikhs are proud to be Sikhs, as they should be.

However, just like time heals all wounds, time kills as well. Everything decomposes eventually,even plastic. Politics...

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Everything is connected - Why I write about topics unrelated to learning and education

I have been counseled many times to focus on learning and education and not write about anything else. The argument is that it confuses readers and doesn’t give you atargetedaudience.

I agree.

In any MBA program or a marketing course/post/seminar,one of the very first things they teach is the importance of identifying your audience. Once you identify your audience, it’s easier to set the tone of your message, write with more focus, and spend ad money to a particular target...

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