[solved] Macbook asks for password every time I add, edit, delete a file

I had a terrible problem with MacBook that all Apple apps would freeze. To fix it, I made a new user account and gave it Administrator rights. But then I faced a new problem.

Whenever I tried to do any operation on any file, it started to ask for my password which was very annoying.

Apple support told me you have to right-click on the file or folder and click on "Get Info." In there, add yourself as a user and give permission to "Read and write." I still had the same problem....

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How to fix macbook if only your apple apps not responding

I got a new MacBook Pro with the maximum configuration possible and after a week, it started to crash. The odd thing was that only apps provided by Apple were crashing. So the apps, you would think have no chance of crashing, would crash - often one after the other. The only saving grace was that they started working after a reboot, only to freeze again in a couple of hours.

What frustrated me more was that even though my old Windows system was painfully slow, it didn’t hang on me like...

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