exif_read_data() not defined - crashes page on linux

I banged my head for more than 5 hours on this one and finally resolved. Hope this helps someone.

If your PHP page stops executing or gives a fatal error while using exif_read_data() function or any other exif function, there is a fair possibility that exif is not installed - even though it might show in the php.ini file. Follow these instructions to install exif if you are on whm.

1) Navigate to ’Home »Software »EasyApache 4’ in WHM. 2) Click ’Customize’ in the top right-hand...

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[solved] Macbook asks for password every time I add, edit, delete a file

I had a terrible problem with MacBook that all Apple apps would freeze. To fix it, I made a new user account and gave it Administrator rights. But then I faced a new problem.

Whenever I tried to do any operation on any file, it started to ask for my password which was very annoying.

Apple support told me you have to right-click on the file or folder and click on "Get Info." In there, add yourself as a user and give permission to "Read and write." I still had the same problem....

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How to fix macbook if only your apple apps not responding

I got a new MacBook Pro with the maximum configuration possible and after a week, it started to crash. The odd thing was that only apps provided by Apple were crashing. So the apps, you would think have no chance of crashing, would crash - often one after the other. The only saving grace was that they started working after a reboot, only to freeze again in a couple of hours.

What frustrated me more was that even though my old Windows system was painfully slow, it didn’t hang on me like...

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