Everything Corrupts, eventually

"Sikhism is the best religion," my wife commented. I wouldn’t argue with her (who would?).

Sikhism is clearly one of the best religions. Gurudwaras,place of worship for Sikhs, are very well maintained. Followers give donations generously and regularly. You would never see a Sikhbegging in the street. Most of all, Sikhs are proud to be Sikhs, as they should be.

However, just like time heals all wounds, time kills as well. Everything decomposes eventually,even plastic. Politics...

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Is your Hospital's food killing you?

Has your doctor ever told you that you need to eat healthy foods, but you just can’t get to it?

It’s not all your fault...

What I am going to tell you here is not breaking news or an insider story. It’s a crime that’s conducted openly in front of everybody. The picture below is of the canteen at DMC Ludhiana.Unfortunately,DMC isnotunique.I just happen to visit it more often than others.

In DMC, there are three cafes/canteens where you can eat. The healthiest food you...

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Everything is connected - Why I write about topics unrelated to learning and education

I have been counseled many times to focus on learning and education and not write about anything else. The argument is that it confuses readers and doesn’t give you atargetedaudience.

I agree.

In any MBA program or a marketing course/post/seminar,one of the very first things they teach is the importance of identifying your audience. Once you identify your audience, it’s easier to set the tone of your message, write with more focus, and spend ad money to a particular target...

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