My favourite Bloggers and Podcasts

Some of my favourite bloggers and podcasters.



  1. Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist history
    One of the most gripping shows according to me. Malcolm doesn't only write great books, he is a great orator as well. Both his topics of choice and speech delivery are very engaging and meaningful. Couple that with the violin played in the background which sets a perfect stage for the seriousness of the topic, it is simply amazing. You have got to listen to at least one episode to know what you are missing.
  2. Freakonomics radio
    This is a podcast for curious minds who are interested to know how the world works. It's sprinkled with good humor and music appropriately customized for every episode. It's fun and light and brings an occasional smile when you are listening.
  3. Dan carlin's Hardcore history
    He releases an episode every couple of months. And he really knows how to produce one. The sequence of events, the energy in his voice and just the sheer amount of research he puts into each episode makes it epic. It's almost insane how he gets people hooked up to listen to 3-4 hour long episodes. Before listening to Hardcore history, I didn't like history. Now, I am a fan.
  4. Tim Ferriss' Tim Ferriss show
    This is one of the most popular podcasts on the internet. Things do get repetitive but some of the guests he brings on the show are extremely awesome. The podcast is not for everybody but should give it a go for at least couple of episodes before dismissing it.
  5. Pat Flynn's smart passive income
    One of the most upfront and open business guy on the internet. I don't like all the episodes but once in a while, you find idea gems that makes it worth listening to all of it.


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